What to Expect

at in-person worship

We understand that it takes a little courage to try a new church, so we assure you that we make it easy for you. 

The parking lot is easy to pull into and there are no steps on our campus.

You'll see the red Welcome Table right way.  It is always staffed with knowledgeable volunteers. 

Kids' Time starts at 9:15 outside at picnic tables, and then kids join parents for worship at 10:00 am.

Fidget bags are available, or bring your own. 

Worship is almost always an hour, followed by coffee hour in Fellowship Hall. 

Dress as you usually dress.

We're a small crowd, so we can't promise you anonymity.

Pastor Paige preaches a message that is usually about 15 minutes long - educational, inspirational, and relevant.

Our worship band is amazing - a mix of professionals and professional volunteers. 

They have a huge repertoire between them, and best of all, they love the Lord and enjoy playing together.

They're so great that we can't believe that our crowd is still small :) 

When you join us, the crowd will be bigger and better, just because you came. 

What to expect online

To be sure that we're right for you, you may want to worship online first. 

Or perhaps getting out and about is challenging, and online worship has made it possible for you to connect with church again. 

No problem! That's why we invested in professional A/V equipment and volunteer training. You'll find us on our Facebook page - live at 10 am on Sundays. If you tune in live, you'll be met by our online hosts Andrew or Eddie, and you'll be able to interact. If you tune in later, be sure to leave a comment so that we'll know you were there.