PRovocative Proposals

In the language of Appreciative Inquiry, a provocative proposal describes our church in 5 years - but using present tense. 

A provocative proposal has these qualities:


       Stated in the affirmative, as if it’s already happening

       Points to real, desired possibilities

       Based on the data

       Creates new relationships

       Bridges the best of “what is” to the best of “what might be”

       Requires a sanctified imagination – pushes boundaries

       Necessitates new learning

       Challenges organizational assumptions and routines

We wrote and affirmed the following proposals in 2020. Hold us accountable in 2025!

As people who know the blessing of life in community, we see ourselves as yeast for the rising of healthy community in our immediate neighborhood

Leveraging our talents and networks, we convene people so that they can overcome isolation, connect with neighbors, and forge meaningful relationships.


Called for safe haven for interaction –


Examples of events that convene

            *natural disaster response preparedness (a neighborhood that comes together in crisis)

* neighborhood bonding – block parties, caroling, ice cream social, classic cars, trunk or treat

            * climate change response – local level – trees, etc

We care about children - their educational and physical well-being.  

We are good neighbors to the school next door, where our care extends to the teachers – their classroom needs and emotional well-being. We manifest this care in large and small ways, with gifts of encouragement, funding for school needs, relationships of support and partnership in advocacy.


Examples of events that connect us with children/families:


            * Quietly support individual families in need – connected by Principal Ramsey

* Churches have teamed up and taken prayer requests and walked perimeter of school

* Advocacy – Track with schools and School Site Council

            so that we know what’s going on  - speak in support of Eastwood

Our church is open, welcoming space, where all are invited to worship, study, learn, and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Everyone is encouraged to join a small study group to learn and exchange ideas on the material being studied. Everyone is received where they are on their journey (spiritual love) of Christian love and to open the Gospels and to learn of the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

Prompted by the impending UMC schism over human sexuality, we engaged in a time of discernment around our choices as a local church. 

The congregation overwhelmingly expressed a desire to grow as an LGBTQ+ inclusive church. We now provide safe spaces on our campus, online, and in the community for people who have every reason to see churches as threatening. We live out our commitment through worship, hospitality, education and advocacy. Worship leaders emphasize inclusive liturgy, language, and music. We invite LGBTQ+-friendly groups to use our space, and we continue to upgrade our interiors to provide attractive, functional, sacred gathering space. We encourage gay, straight, bi-, cis- and trans church members and neighbors to tend to the spiritual and emotional needs of the LGBTQ+ community through personal testimony, book groups, and educational events, both in person and online. We build community relationships for friendship, service and advocacy, co-creating with God a future in which all persons, bodies, and testimonies are received with love and wonder.